We have a fundamental key for the maintenance of parrots, which is their feeding variety. Their diet variety is of particular importance for their growth and well being, so is the freshness of food and the use of temporality.

Our parrots will receive natural chemical messages that benefit their metabolism at any time. Using this system we can guide our parrots to face the different stages of the year in the best conditions. In this way, when they receive annual growth herbs, they know it’s time to prepare for reproduction. When we give them fruits rich in water, they know it is a hot season where not only water hydration is important in order to still their thirst.

There are basic fruits like the apple or the banana that are usually available all year round. Enriching this base allows the animals to benefit from the multiple contributions they suppose. Change of shapes, textures, flavors and colors. The seeds of the prickly pear figs are much appreciated. The individuals spend time and use their skills in order to consume the pulp around each grain.

Our farms produce 100% organic food, where only environmentally friendly organic products are used. This is the reason why they have an intense flavour and aroma which increase the appetite of our parrots.